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Professor Richard Impossible is a recurring antagonist in the animated TV series The Venture Bros. He is a super-powered scientest and a parody of Reed Richards of the Marvel super-hero team the Fantastic Four. He takes his carrer above all things including his family. He keeps his wife, son and brother in-law hidden from the public, but they eventually leave him for Jonas Venture Jr. and join a sub sect of Team Venture. Richard is a genius and very successful (unlike most of the super-scientists who appear in the series), but he is completely amoral and arrogant.

After the events in the episode "20 Years to Midnight", Richard's wife Sally leaves him after tiring of his irresponsibility in taking care of their son Rocket and begins a relationship with Jonas Venture Jr.  This causes Prof. Impssible to go through a phase of deep depression. Later on, Richard would join Phantom Limb in the "Revenge Society" and helps the Phantom Limb escape Guild custody. Their further plans are to be revealed.

Professor Impossible is voiced by Stephen Colbert for the first two seasons of the series, and later by Christopher McCulloch and most recently Bill Hader.