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Professor pamplemoose

Professor Pamplemoose is a returning antagonist in the animated series Sidekick. He is a cruel headmaster of a school for sidekicks who sits in a "do anything" chair. He is very useless by time to time.

Role of a villain

  • In one episode, Pamplemoose turns into a plant monster and starts destroying the city.
  • In another episode, he went to full lengths to prevent Eric and Trevor from eating a burger that would make them look cool. In the end of the episode, he destroyed them and then stole their clothes to make them uncool.
  • One time, he sent Eric to an extreme detention where students were stuck under ground in a pit filled with magma and guarded by demons where they are denied water and fed lava. He did this because Trevor stole his chocolate and gave it to Eric.


  • Pamplemoose is very much of an adult child.
  • Pamplemoose is the equivalent to Mr. Dupette from Rocko's Modern Life, as well as Lord Stingray from Super Jail.
  • Pamplemoose is voiced by Patrick McKenna, who also voiced Betty's father, Mr. Barrett from Atomic Betty, Robear from Iggy Arbuckle, and Two-Legs Joe from Spliced!.

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