Professor Nastassja
Professor Nastassja
 (ナスターシャ教授 Nasutāsha-kyouju?) is a heretical engineer and one of the villains in Senki Zesshou Symphogear G, who supports the operations of Maria’s team.


Professor Nastassja is an older woman with indigo hair and lilac eyes, she wears a black eye-patch over her right eye and is confined to a wheel chair. She is most often seen wearing a long greyish-violet and lilac coloured dress that comes up to her neck and has sleeves.


Professor Nastassja is seen as a motherly figure to the girls of Maria's team and even Maria herself. However even though she looks upon them with kind eyes she also intentionally treats them very strictly in order to further their goal and difficult mission.


After the events of the “lunar attack,” one segment of information regarding the sacred relics was released to the public, however the knowledge that Nastassja holds is far greater than that.