Professor Mortimer Gangreen

Professor Mortimer Gangreen.

Professor Mortimer Gangreen is the chief antagonist of the Attack of The Killer Tomatoes franchise, although he was not present in the original film, he would quickly become the prime source of most (if not all) calamities in the Killer Tomatoes universe after his introduction.

He was portrayed by American actor John Astin who is known to many television viewers as Gomez Addams in the series The Addams Family and is also the stepfather of actor Sean Astin.

Professor Mortimer Gangreen is a criminally insane scientist who seeks nothing short of world domination and utilized many mutated tomatoes to do so, unleashing them upon the world with manic glee while plotting new ways to create more powerful tomato-based monsters by which to enforce his will upon the hapless masses.

In the animated series (loosely based on the films), he is known as Dr. Putrid T. Gangreen, and is also voiced by John Astin.