Professor Moriarty (Tom and Jerry)

Professor Moriarty (Tom and Jerry)

Professor Moriarty is the main antagonist of Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes.

Tom and Jerry

Professor Moriarty is just as conniving and malevolent as many other portrayals.

In this film, he steals jewels and plots with his feline lackeys to seize power over London. Professor Moriarty frames Miss Red for the thefts and proves himself a worthy enemy to Sherlock Holmes when he tricks him by feeding him the wrong information.

Later, he kidnaps Miss Red and prepares to blow a hole in the Tower of London to steal the Crown Jewels. After a fierce battle with Sherlock himself, Moriarty plunges over a bridge into the Thames River. In the end, he and his henchmen are arrested.


  • Professor Moriarty is voiced by Malcolm McDowell, who also voices Dr. Calico for Bolt and plays Alex DeLarge in A Clockwork Orange.