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The Iron Cross Army is indestructible!
~ Professor Monster

Professor Monster (in Japanese: 教授モンスター) is the leader of the Iron Cross Army and the arch-nemesis of Spider-Man (クモ男). He is the main antagonist in the Japanese Toei Spider-Man TV Series (1978-1979). He has destroyed Planet Spider (惑星のクモ) and since has become the object of vengeance to Tukaya Yamashiro (山城 拓也).

He is portrayed by Mitsuo Ando, who also played Professor Gill and the Black Cross Fuhrer.


When Proessor Monster came to Earth, he was followed by Garia, a man from Planet Spider, in his Marveller. When a Professor looks for the Marveller when it crashes in Japan, Professor Monster worries that that the Professor will gain power that will threaten the Iron Cross Army. So Professor Monter sents his general, Amazoness, to kill the Professor with one of their Machine BEM. When they succeeded in killing the Professor, his son, Tukaya, finds Garia but is fatally wounded from a recent encounter with the Iron Cross Army. So Garia gives Tukaya his powers through Spider Exract and gives him everything he needs to fight the Iron Cross Army. After Tukaya's first fight with the Iron across Army as Spider-Man, Professor Monster tries to come up with different plans to kill Spider-Man and humanity. After a long battle, Professor Monster is confronted by Spider-Man when he kills off all of his armies. Professor Monster grows into a giant and battles against Spider-Man when he is piloting get Leopardon. Professor Monster is killed when Spider-Man uses Sword Vigor, avenging his Father.