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Professor Moliarty is a recurring villain from Darkwing Duck. He is a mole who, along with the others of his kind, lives beneath the surface, because the sun is very harsh with their eyes and skin. He is bent on conquering the surface world, making it a good place for the moles to live, which involves blocking the sun and wiping out all the inhabitants of the surface.

Moliarty is very arrogant and coward, manipulating others to further his goals and endangering them to take himself away from danger, even his fellow moles. His name is a obvious reference to Professor Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes.


That Sinking Feeling


Kung Fooled

Moliarty was being chased by Darkwing, Launchpad, and Gosalyn who were on the Ratcatcher.  Moliarty attempted to escape by burrowing through the Earth, but the trio still pursued him.  They ended up in Kung Pow City, where Darkwing apprehended Moliarty and turned him over to the Kung Pow authorities.

Crisis on Infinite Darkwings

Moliarty was beaten and captured by Darkwarrior Duck, along with Tuskernini, during Darkwarrior's time in St. Canard.

Campaign Carnage

Professor Moliarty appeared as a member of Suff-Rage's League of Barely-Remembered Supervillains, where he attacked Darkwing with the bazooka he used in "That Sinking Feeling".  He was wrapped up in a stage curtain and revealed to have been an illusion made by Suff-Rage, just like the rest of the League.

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