Professor Anthony Ivo is a villain in the animated TV series Young Justice.



At the beginning of the series, Ivo is thought to be dead.

Despite thought to be dead, Ivo is alive and continues developing androids. He sends one of them, Amazo, to fight the Green Arrow. It takes eight of the Justice League to take him down, as Amazo is able to study and use his combatants power for himself. Amazo is dismantled and the League decides to bring him to two different S.T.A.R. Labs facilities for closer inspection. While the parts are driven to their destination, Ivo sends monkey-like androids to intercept the transports and to bring Amazo back to him.

The androids deliver the parts to a train driving around the outskirts of Gotham City. Following them, Superboy rips the hull of one of the compartments apart and drops inside - face-to-face with Ivo. Ivo sends his monkey androids towards them while sarcastically remarking how hard it was to come up with an acronym for M.O.N.K.E.Y.. After Superboy has dismantled the M.O.N.K.E.Y.s, Ivo sends a reassembled Amazo to fight the young boy. Amazo smashes Superboy out of the train and fights him. The fight eventually moves to a school in Gotham where Amazo and Superboy fight in the gym while Ivo watches from the side. Eventually, Superboy decides to attack Ivo instead of Amazo. This causes Ivo to order Amazo to protect his master instead of fighting Superboy. When the rest of the young team arrives, they are able to defeat Amazo together. Ivo escapes however. Tracking Ivo is now one of the main priorities of the Justice League.


On their hunt for T.O. Morrow, the team visits Ivo who has been recaptured and imprisoned at Belle Reve prison. Although Ivo refuses to give up any information, Zatannah forces him to talk via magic. After revealing the secret, he is shocked about what he just did. The prison warden, Hugo Strange, allows Ivo to contact Morrow to warn him. Without Ivo realising, he is talking not to Morrow but his newest android Red Vulcano.


With Professor Strange, an android in form of Ivo visits his old opponent Morrow at his sickbed, gloating about what Morrow has become. He promises to visit more often from now on. At the same time, the real Professor Ivo is being smuggled out of Belle Reve Prison by Sportsmaster. Ivo is brought before Klarion and the Brain and they set him up with equipment to create new androids.

Together with Brain and Klarion, Ivo manages to power up a flesh sample of Starro. After he has done so, he is returned to Belle Reve, telling Warden Strange that he enjoyed the time outside.