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Professor Codex was the main antagonist of the PopCap video game, Bookworm Adventures. He appears after the events of the online version of Bookworm Adventures. Professor Codex is an anthropomorphic stork who uses the Magic Pen. He helped Lex the Bookworm in Book 1 and 2, However, he was the Final Boss of Book 3.


Pests in the Great Library

Professor Codex orders Lex to get rid of all the literature characters causing havoc in the library. After Lex faced his final enemy Odin, Codex possibly thanked him for doing so.

Cassandra in Distress

Professor Codex hears a message from Cassandra the Oracle. He convinces Lex that the speaker needs help, because she is captured by Medusa. He uses his secret weapon to bring him to the first book.

After rescuing Cassandra

After Lex defeated Medusa, the worm meets Professor Codex back in the library. Codex says that it was Dracula being the thief who stole Cassandra. He sends him to a book entitled, "Arabian Nights".

After getting the Scimitar of Justice

Lex sees Codex being transported to Dracula's Castle. He is able to follow him before the book closes.

After Dracula is Defeated

Lex talks to Professor Codex that he stormed Dracula's Castle. Codex says that he doesn't have time to rescue Cassandra. However, it is revealed Codex has kidnapped Cassandra and was using Lex the entire time so that he could build an army of literary characters. Back at the library, Lex was able to defeat Codex by using his last words against him. Codex is trapped in the Magic Pen.


Professor Codex is the final boss in the game. The beasts he will summon are Cerberus, Medusa, Shaitan, and a werewolf. All four have ten hearts, but more powerful. Codex is deadlier to defeat, because the player must have enough potions. The boss is immune to three to four letter words. He might use Pen Blast first if you knock out all his minions faster or Book Slap if you knock out the minions slower


Attack name Attacks Description Action
Book Barrage [Bld][Att] Cuts and Damages Lex Three books fly to Codex, then he throws them at Lex.
Book Slap [Smh][Lck][Plg] Smashes tiles, Locks tiles, and Plagues a tile An open book appears in front of Lex's face, then Codex closes the book on Lex's face.
Power Surge [Hal][Prf][PoU][PoD] Heals and Purifies enemy, Boosts enemy's attack, and Weakens Lex Codex hangs the Magic Pen high up, then a flash of lightning strikes to him.
Pen Blast [Psn][Brn][Frz] Poisons, Burns, and Freezes Lex Codex throws the Magic Pen to Lex, then appears at his hand after it hits Lex.
3+4 Letter Immunity [Imm] Enemy is immune to 3 and 4 letter words 3 and 4 lettered words cannot be used to attack him.