Professor Chang

Professor Chang

Professor Chang is a villain from the Teen Titans show. He is a criminal scientist and an enemy of the Teen Titans.

He was voiced by James Hong.

Professor Chang specializes in creating illegal science-based equipment and selling it to anyone willing to pay his price and for both legal and illegal purposes. He was looked upon by Robin who wanted a costume to be a villain that had the chemical Xenothium in it to build a villainous identity. When Robin learned that the suit was stolen he went to Professor Chang to ask him where Xenothium could be found, at a facility to the south of Jump City. However, Robin and Red X did not know that Chang and his goons broke into the facility to get the Xenothium for themselves. Chang also had the other Teen Titans kept as hostages. He tries to fire Xenothium at the city but is foiled by Robin and Red X and is sent to prison.

Professor Chang later escaped from prison and was an ally to Brother Blood. Blood used his mind powers to force Chang to transform him into a cyborg. When Blood was defeated Chang broke free from the mind powers and disappeared somewhere.

Professor Chang later recruited himself for the Brotherhood of Evil, In which he provided his Flash-Freezer, which was used to freeze captives to ice trophies. Chang and his goons were overpowered by Mas Y Menos and flash-frozen by their own device, being the first villains to be flash-frozen.

Professor Chang has no powers of his own, but he is known to have invented dangerous technology. He also appears to be a skilled surgeon, when he successfully completed the operation on Brother Blood to make Blood a cyborg.