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Professor Burnital is the archenemy of Dr. Muto and the main antagonist of the video game of the same name.


Burnital vows revenge against Muto for humiliating him in front of the military, his teacher, the rest of the world, and wrecking his life. He has wrinkly, leathery skin, and is short-sighted. He sabotaged Dr. Muto's energy device so when it was turned on, it blew up taking Planet Midway with it. Burnital plans to create a super laser machine to finish off Muto once and for all. In his boss fight, Burnital uses a robot that can stick to the floor. His death animation shows the robot going haywire, while Burnital makes an escape with the escape pod. He tells Muto that he will fight him another day. While inside the escape, Al catches him, because the escape pod was designed by Muto. Burnital then dies when the pod crashes with him in it.

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