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Professor B. Brightness PhD is an antagonist in Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise, being a mad scientist who created an army of anti-Naughty Bear bots and toys for the "good" bears.

He is also Fluffy's mentor and is a master in "quantum disentanglement".

When Naughty Bear went on his second large revenge trip of slaughtering the bears of Paradise Island that wronged him, Brightness built his own military of robots to defend the bears. The Narrator commands Naughty to kill him by sending him to the 4th dimension, as Brightness is donning an indestructible suit that makes it so Naughty can't physically harm him.

After slaughtering all of Brightness's robots, Naughty throws the doctor into his own self-built interdimensional portal, sending him to the 4th dimension and probably killing him.


  • His surname, PhD, is a reference to the Doctor of Philosophy degree.

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