Professor Bobo is a fictional character who appeared in the final three seasons of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Played by Kevin Murphy (who also voiced and operated robot Tom Servo on the show), Bobo is a talking gorilla from the year 2525, an homage to the film Planet of the Apes.

Professor Bobo is a curious mixture of eminent scientist, descended from a long line of supposedly respected apes, and of sensory-driven primate, often regressing to more primitive desires and actions. In the first three shows of Season 8, he leads an ape laboratory similar to Deep 13 from the previous seasons, directed by the "Lawgiver" to continue the movie-watching "experiments" on Mike Nelson and his robots, again trapped in the Satellite of Love. In subsequent shows, Bobo travels with the Lawgiver, who turns out to be Pearl Forrester (inheriting the mad scientist role from her son, Dr. Clayton Forrester). Bobo ultimately becomes one of her henchmen after his planet is destroyed when Mike Nelson helps the apes and their new mutant friends activate an atomic bomb.

Despite his title of "Professor", Bobo demonstrated remarkably little intelligence after leaving Earth of 2525. He was revealed to be illiterate, and in episode #820: Space Mutiny, he inadvertently obstructed Pearl's attempts to free the "Mads" from captivity in Ancient Rome, and starts the Great Fire of Rome by knocking over a lamp in his haste to steal a wheel of cheese.

In the final episode of season 10, he boasted of his new "job" at a zoo, possibly unaware of his future role as a specimen. He would later rejoin Pearl and Bobo and travelled the galaxy with them. They would occasionally drop in to visit Pearl's granddaughter Kinga Forrester on Moon 13.