Professor Apocalypse (Real name: Randy Jenkins, aka The Great Jenkins) is one of the Main Antagonists (Alongside Destructo-cat) of the 2014 made-for-TV family-action-adventure movie The Adventures of Robo-Rex.

He and his Future self are Portrayed by Ethan Phillips.


Randy Jenkins in the beginning wasn't really evil until he met Destructo-cat, a evil robotic cat sent to him from his future self. Destructo-cat sends him a holographic message from his future self and tells him that he needs to build a time machine and get a crystal from James Miller and send it back to him. He asked Destructo-Cat to get him a brand new lab. Later on he was seen building the time machine. he needed some parts so he told Destructo-cat to go get him the parts he needs. he later tries to test the time machine on a timer set for 1 minute. the timer got destroyed. Destructo-cat Replayed the message sent from Professor's future self and ignored it and told Destructo-cat to get him more materials for the machine. Destructo-cat returned with the materials and Jenkins told him to also get some Documents that he hid when he was working with James' mother. Destructo-cat had to put up with Fighting James Miller and Robo-Rex to get the Documents. Then, Jenkins redid the time machine process with the timer watch and the timer got destroyed again. he finally gave in and told Destructo-cat to get him the crystal. Destructo-Cat kidnapped James, Robo-Rex and James' girlfriend. Jenkins decided not to turn on the time machine but instead use the crystal's power for himself, but the power of the crystal was too much and the whole lab was going to collapse. Jenkins ran for his life until he was caught by a police officer, James' Father and arrested for his crimes which somehow saved the future.


  • Jenkins was originally a made up last name for some characters who don't have any last names, like Old Man Jenkins from Scooby-Doo