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The Professor Bourne Identity
Look at us. Look at what they make you give.
~ The Professor's dying words.

The Professor is the tertiary antagonist of The Bourne Identity.

He is portrayed by Clive Owen.


The Professor is one of the assassins of Operation Treadstone who was created by Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He was hired by the Alexander Conklin to kill Nykwana Wombosi, an African dictator who survived the assassination attempt by Jason Bourne. He succeeded in killing Wombosi in his own home aftering the latter check the dead body downstairs.

Later on, the Professor is ordered to kill Jason. He was told of the location of where Jason is hiding. He killed the family dog of the Kreutz's household, cutting off the phone wires and position himself over the home. But Jason knows that there is someone out there, so he use his double-barreled shotgun to blow up a nearby oil barrel to cover himself.

A chase ensues and the Professor then abandons his position and hides in the wheat field. His target shoots his shotgun in the air, scaring away the birds in the field before they land again. Unable to hear his target walking due to the birds, the Professor packs up his sniper rifle and attempts to flee, but Jason spots him.

Jason shoots the Professor in the leg, who attempts to use his pistol on his target. But he was shot down with both barrels to his chest. Finally regaining his humanity, the Professor had a conservation with his would-be victim. He said that both he and Jason work alone by themselves, and gets their headaches. The Professor then tells Jason to go to Paris, saying out, "Look at this. Look what they made you give....", before he succumbs to his wounds and dies.

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