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Petz (ペッツPettsu?, Prizma in the English versions) is the oldest of the four sisters in 'Sailor Moon', as opposed to the second oldest in the English adaptation, with the "Dark Thunder" magical attack in the anime, though she is only shown using a tornado in the manga, paralleling Sailor Jupiter's "Flower Hurricane" attack. She is named for the mineral petzite and is the counterpart of Makoto Kino.




In the manga, Petz is assigned "Code003: Operation Renew" - where she is to infect Tokyo with viruses and replace the weakened citizens with Droids. Makoto is infected by one of the viruses and passes out in her apartment, and awakens to her double trying to choke her. She transforms and attacks it as Sailor Jupiter, revealing it to be a droid.

Petz then arrives in her UFO, expresses amusement that Jupiter is still alive, then swears vengeance for her two dead sisters. She and Jupiter fight, but Petz captures her inside of a tornado she summons using the Black Crystal. Petz watches Jupiter in the tornado and does not see the arrival of Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus, and she is killed from behind by Moon Princess Halation, though Rubeus still succeeds in kidnapping Jupiter.


In the anime, Prizma often clashes with Avery, but the majority of both women's operations end up with them working together. She is very proud and is willing to step on others to achieve personal glory and power. She also appears bitter over a past relationship and reacts strongly when Avery teases her about it.

After the betrayal of Catzi and Bertie, Rubeus gives her a stick that will infinitely increase her dark powers and instructs her to use it to kill both the Sailor Scouts and her fallen sisters. He also warns her that if she fails, she will not be allowed to return. The stick dramatically increases Prizma's powers and also corrupts her personality, allowing her to quickly gain the upper hand against the Sailor Scouts. She then turns on Avery and tries to kill her along with the other two sisters. However, the Sailor Scouts regain the advantage and knock the stick away from her, reducing her power again.

Rubeus then appears and reveals to Prizma that he had actually expected her to fail; his goal was not for her to succeed, but to lure the Sailor Scouts out and sacrifice all four sisters to kill them. He then activates the stick's true power and it creates a massive time-vacuum that threatens to pull in everyone around it. Prizma, no longer possessed and remorseful, decides that she has enough power in her body to destroy the stick and jumps into the vortex to sacrifice herself to stop it. However, she is stopped by her other three sisters. After the vortex is destroyed by the Sailor Scouts, Petz is purified along with Avery.

Later, Prizma and her sisters discover a wounded Sapphire, whom Prizma tends to even though she at first thinks he came to punish her sisters. It is then that Prizma and Sapphire are revealed to have been romantically involved, and that Sapphire is the person who caused Prizma to be embittered about men. After Sapphire is killed by Wiseman, Prizma senses his death and is heartbroken, but remembers how he smiled for her.

In Japanese, Petz is voiced by Megumi Ogata, who would go on to lend her voice to Sailor Uranus.[10] In English, she is voiced by Norma Dell'Agnese and is changed to the second oldest sister.

Petz is one of two female characters in the musical series to have been played by male actor Shūsuke Yoda.


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