Nothing will ever be okay... AGAIN!!!
~ Prisoner 775 to Ben Tennyson

Prisoner 775 is an alien of the Merlinisapiens and prisoner in Area 51 who appeared in the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episode, "Prisoner 775 is Missing".


He resembles a purple chameleon/salamander, except he is larger and he is bipedal. He has thee eyes (left: blue, center: green, right: red). Because he has been imprisoned for years, he has become a brutal, vengeance seeker.

"Prisoner 775 is Missing"

Prisoner 775 was exiled from his home world during a war by an oppressive dictator and had been held in a prison base underneath Area 51 for years. During his time as a prisoner, his home planet was destroyed, killing his wife and children in the process. He finally escaped when Sir George broke into Area 51 in the Ultimate Aien episode "Prisoner 775 is Missing". He decided to seek vengeance for the deaths of his loved ones by killing Colonel Rozum's family (even though Ben suggested "taking justice" and Kevin suggested "evening the odds"), but was stopped by Ben's Team. Though he begged Ultimate Wildmutt to kill him, Ben spared his life and handed him to the Plumbers. While he is being held off, the Ultimatrix sampled his DNA unlocking ChmAlien.


  • Prisoner 775 shares some similarities with Randall Boggs.
    • Both have chameleon-like motifs.
    • Both bare a strong resemblance.