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Prisman is a prism choujin who appeared as a member of Kinnikuman Super Phoenix's team during the survivor series to determine the next ruler of planet Kinniku. Prisman's trademark technique was the deadly Rainbow Shower, where he channeled sunlight through his body into a beam that could destroy any choujin's body. He first demonstrated this on Kinnikuman Zebra. Prisman first saw action in the ring in a six-man tag team match that was himself, Super Phoenix and Mammothman against Kinnikuman Soldier, Buffaloman and Brocken Jr. Learning of Prisman's Rainbow Shower, Brocken stripped himself of his choujin power in order to use his body to shield Ataru from it. Shortly after, he, Phoenix, and Mammothman ganged up on Brocken, but Brocken regained his Choujin Body and shattered Prisman's head with a Bremen Sunset on one of the kinshachi statues on Nagoya Castle. Immediately after, Brocken fell to his death into the canyon below, motivating Ramenman to train fiercely for a showdown with Prisman in the finals in Osaka Castle.The two of them met in a Jungle Big Gym Skyscraper Death Match before which Prisman used his Rainbow Shower to destroy the ring attire of Ashuraman (who had sacrificed himself so that Team Kinnikuman could make it to the second match). Though Prisman hit Ramenman with the Rainbow Shower numerous times, he survived each hit and continued to fight back, using a few of his 102 Choujin Attacks. After Ramenman was able to return the Rainbow Shower it looked as though he'd win, Phoenix had Prisman stand on the middle section of black bars and pulled a lever, causing all but the black bars to fall to the ground. However, Ramenman used the last of his power to jump back up and shatter Prisman's body with the Kowloon Wall Drop, destroying him and avenging Brocken Jr.