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A body cannot hold all the limitless wonders a mind can accomplish. The Odallus was just waiting for the right moment. For now on, I am to be known by my real name, Priscus. The new gods must rise and I will be among them. You can be too, as it was meant to be.
~ Priscus

Priscus is the main villain and final boss from Odallus: The Dark Call.


Priscus was a member of a clan who lived among the Sedl'k. Some among the Sedl'k stole the Odallus, a magical crystal which can turn one into a god, and so Priscus's people was condemned to become sacrifices to the new ascended gods. Before dying, Priscus swore vengeance on the Sedl'k, seeking to return and retrieve the Odallus.

A thousand years later, Priscus reincarnated as the son of Haggis, a veteran knight who fought many battles. One night, when Haggis was out hinting for food, he notice his village being attacked, so he rushes to the town only to find it infested by monsters and his son missing. Believing his son was kidnapped, he travels through the land to find him, finding the shards of the Odallus and uncovering the history about their past and their gods.

Once finding all pieces of the Odallus, Haggis goes to the castle where the monsters are coming from, only to find his son, somehow a full adult now, who tells him about his true history and how he sought revenge as well as his wishes to become a god. He offers his father to become a god along him so the two of them could rule together, but Haggis refuse. After a fight, Priscus gives up trying to convince Haggis to join him, so he draws the power of the Odallus to turn into a gigantic beast, but Haggis defeats him.

Accepting his defeat, Priscus tells now the power of Odallus belongs to Haggis, dying shortly after. Overwhelmed by the gem's power, Haggis decides the world doesn't need gods anymore, so he sacrifices himself to destroy the Odallus along with himself.