My mother is definitely a better singer than yours.
~ Priscilla to Oz

Priscilla Winterbottom is the secondary antagonist from Goldwhiskers, the third book of the Spy Mice trilogy. She is a poisonous and "ferretlike" English girl who bullies everyone around.



When Ozymandias "Oz" Levinson and Delilah "D.B." Bean travel with Oz's parents to London for a Christmas Eve concert, they are happy to spend the whole holiday without the Sharks. However, when they meet Prudence Winterbottom - another soprano and Oz's mother's biggest rival - and her daughter Priscilla, their happiness is over. Unwilling Priscilla is forced by her mother to accompany Oz and D.B. on their tour across London. From beginning, she discharges her anger on two, making fun of Oz's overweight and D.B.'s hairstyle. When D.B. strikes back, taunting Priscilla for her surname, the bully starts sheds crocodile tears in front of the adults, causing them to rebuke Oz and D.B. instead of Priscilla.

The trio is accompanied with Nigel Henshaw, the small son of the conductor, who is humiliated by Priscilla as well. Nigel, terrified from the older girl, is fully under her control, but it doesn't stop her in beating and insulting him all the time. Priscilla even forces him to dance with her at the party in the Tower. During the concert rehearsal, she stick out her foot, causing Nigel to fall down and bang his elbow against the seat back. Nigel's father, interrupted by his son's scream, sends him to the dressing rooms angrily.

The rivalry between Oz's and Priscilla's mothers who are both sopranos, eventually leads the bully to attempt to sabotage Oz's mother. Before the concert, Priscilla hides a package of dry ice into the big box Oz's mother is going to sit at the concert. As the box is made of metal, the ice will freeze it and sequins on Oz's mother's dress will then stick on it when she sits down. Luckily, Oz and D.B. discovers Priscilla's plan and decide to seek a revenge on her.

At the Christmas Eve concert, the kids have to stay in the dressing rooms until Oz's and Priscilla's mother would sing. While Oz is out in London helping the mice agents, D.B. and Nigel inconspicuously force Priscilla to eat biscuits and drink much of chamomile tea and cough syrup, causing her to get tired. When she falls asleep, D.B. and Nigel put a costume of a giant rat from the Nutcracker ballet on her and then hide her into the box her mother will sit on.

Later at the concert, Priscilla suddenly wakes up in the box. Being little bit zonked, she stands up inside and opens the box, causing her mother to fall down in the middle of the song. When everyone starts laughing at her, angry and humiliated Prudence Winterbottom grabs her daughter's hand and they quickly leave the stage.