Priscilla (Nightmare Inn)
Priscilla was the secondary antagonist in "Nightmare Inn," a first season episode of the TV adaptation of The Haunting Hour.

She was played by Jodi Balfour.

When Jillian and her mother stood in front of the Night Time Inn Hotel, Priscilla was nice enough to let them stay for a few days (Even when she started to stare at Jillian's necklace and noticed that it was silver). Priscilla then settled them up in the same room that was in Jillian's nightmare. The next day, Priscilla then noticed Jillian talking to the towns outcast Caleb and told Jillian to stay away from him because he was dangerous, but Jillian told her that she doesn't need anyone to look after her because she can look after herself. Later on, Jillian was in Priscilla's room and found her silver necklace, but also caught Priscilla and Caleb talking about her and the necklace and was almost caught by Priscilla. Laer that night, Caleb suddenly turns into a werewolf and goes after Jillian, who run to Priscilla for help. However, Priscilla shouted that she wants to devour Jillian for herself and reveals herself as a werewolf by displaying glowing red eyes. After a fall down the stairs, the evil Priscilla transformed into a werewolf and fought Caleb before both of them went after Jillian. Another werewolf suddenly appears and saves Jillian by killing both Priscilla and Caleb. The ending suggests that the other werewolf might have been Jillian's father, but Jillian woke up revealing that the whole thing was just a nightmare.