Principal of PS 118

Do you understand your record can follow you through junior high?
~ Principal Wartz speaking to Arnold about punishing him for not revealing which three of his friends mooned him.

Principal Wartz is a antagonist in the TV show Hey Arnold!. He is the main principal of P.S. 118. The school that other known characters go to such as Helga, Curly, Gerald, Harold, and Sid. He is portrayed as a normal principal but often punishes students too much for things. One time he punished Arnold the main character for not revealing who mooned him in the hallway. He was given detention for at least a week until Harold, Stinky and Sid came in the office and revealed that they were the culprits who mooned Principal Wartz.

Harold, another character in the series, got suspended, on thinking it would be a nice break from school. He realized later that it was horrible having to be out of school for so long not being able to see friends and socialize. Despite the kids not liking the principal, he seems very loyal to the school. As shown in an episode where he quits from the duty as a principal to see if the teacher Mr.Simmons could hold the fort down. It proved unsuccessful and when Arnold and Mr. Simmons visited Wartz's house, he decided he would come back because he thought working with kids was his priority in life.