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Principal Wally Farquhare had appeared as an antagonist a few times in The Cleveland Show. He's the principal of the school known as "Stoolbend High".

Roles as a Villain

  • When Cleveland saw his stuff getting sold, He was wearing his "Tron" helmet. Principal Wally then takes the hat and refuses to give it back.
  • He did it again in the Halloween episode. After Donny makes up some silly saying for trick-or-treating, He will not give Cleveland or the people who went trick-or-treating with him any candy.
  • In 1984, his villainy came from Cleveland and his friends trying to prevent him from turning to the principal on them for drinking on school property. He wet his pants and got laughed at. In the present, Wally convinced Cleveland Jr. that Cleveland broke into his locker to steal his Jersey (due to Jr.'s horrible skills at baseball) and tried to get him to burn it for good with gasoline and a match. However, when Wally about to burn it himself, the Jersey was saved and Cleveland chased after him. Wally wet his pants and got laughed at again.


  • He's an antagonist that didn't started out as one. He shared this trait with Penny Penny from "The Mighty B!" and Hubert Test from "Johnny Test".
  • Even though he was mean to Cleveland, he actually remembered his name.