Principal Martin (or Miss Martin) is a recurring antagonist in "Corneil and Bernie". She is Bernie's mean school principal who know that Bernie sets a record of detentions. She was the chief antagonist in the episodes "Double Jepordy", "Let Talking Dogs Lie" and "Your Move".\


Double Jepordy

In the begining of the episode, She took away a video tape that Bernie is holding on to Romeo. Bernie gets Corneil to retrieve it (by lying about his secret) and succeeded. For revenge, Corneil pretends to be Miss Martin and get Bernie to huiliate her infront of the govener and she gets mad at Bernie. Soemtimes she punishes Bernie and Corneil when they are not in school, this illegal and a violation of student rights. She also hates Corneil and punishes him as well.

Let Talking Dogs Lie

She returns in this episode, She gets mad at Bernie for nearly getting late for school. So Bernie lied to her and skiped school. She was later seen going to Vavaropo's party and she gets mad when she knew Bernie is reponsible for breaking Vavaropo's leg.

Your Move

Miss Martin is in charge of Bernie's detention.