Principal Kuno (九能 校長Kunō-kōchō?) is the Kuno siblings' long lost father and the principal at Akane and Ranma's school. He is obsessed with Hawaiian culture, generally wears a lei and an aloha shirt, and speaks with a Hawaiian accent. His disappearance and subsequent return is explained in the manga as being part of a study trip to learn the teaching methods used in America. On his return from Hawaii, his first action is to attempt to force standard haircuts on all students (buzz cuts for boys, bowl cuts for girls), which begins a rivalry between the Principal and Ranma Saotome. Principal Kuno is the only person to ever appear in Ranma 1/2 wearing a baseball uniform.

He is voiced by Tatsuyuki Jinnai in the Japanese anime and by Scott McNeil in English, who voices the character in the style of Sebastian from Disney's The Little Mermaid.