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Principal Kidswatter
Principal Kidswatter is the main antagonist of Wayside. He is the principal of Wayside School.


Prinicpal Kidswatter is a different subkingdom and the principal of Wayside School. His 'helper' Louis is always there to help him because he tends to get himself into more trouble than needed.


He is self-centered, eccentric, incompetent, greedy, and immature, yet at the same time, endearing and something of a "lovable old fool". He fears children. He goes into a fetal position whenever he is scared of something. He has his own weird language, calling the kids Watchamacallits and Todd's adress, 344 South Fairview, the doors Goozacks and the walls, Charisma.

Mr. Kidswatter always calls Myron certain names that begin with M like for example, "Martin", "Morgan", "Melvin" and "Martha". He called him Myron when Myron took his glasses off.

Mr. Kidswatter doesn't consider the kids much, in fact, on one episode when they were trying to appreciate him, he got afraid. He has an odd relationship with Ms. Mush, the school's cafeteria lady and nurse, being as sometimes he likes her and sometimes doesn't.


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  • Mr. Kidswatter name in the French dub of Wayside is M. Claqueminus.
  • Mr. Kidswatter nicknames the doors as "goozacks"
  • Mr. Kidswatter always calls Todd by his address: 344, South Fairview. (343, rue Favreau in the French version)
  • Mr. Kidswatter always calls Myron certain names that begin with M like for example, "Martin", "Morgan" and "Melvin". He called Myron by his proper name when Myron removes his glasses.
  • Mr. Kidswatter is voiced by Kedar Brown, who also voiced Mayor Mellow on Grojband, Silas Sterne on The Day My Butt Went Psycho!, and Gatling on World of Quest.

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