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Principal Edward R. Rooney

Principal Edward R. Rooney (aka Principal Ed Roony).

"I did not achieve this position in life by having some snot-nosed punk leave my cheese out in the wind."
~ - Principal Ed Roony
~ - Principal Rooney shouting his secretary's name.

Edward R. Rooney is the main antagonist in the 1986 American teen coming-of-age comedy film Ferris Bueller's Day Off and in its 1990 TV series sequel, Ferris Bueller. Rooney is the Dean of Students in the high school Ferris attends, charged with maintaining order amongst the student body.

He is played by Jeffrey Jones in the movie and by Richard Riehle in the series.

Rooney is a very realistic and not so successful kind of villain, but also very targeted and endurance one.


The first time we get to see Rooney is when he's calling Ferris' mother trying to make her realize that Ferris is a truant. He doesn´t succeed but that doesn't stop him from trying to get Ferris busted. He goes to a Café because he think Ferris is there (which he isn't) in a try of catching him. He later breaks into Ferris' house, by knocking out Ferris' dog by making it eat flowers so he can use the dog door but then realizes that the front door is open, only to find out that Ferris isn't there either. His car gets removed because he parked illegally, he runs after the car and we don´t get to see him until the very end of the movie where he finally has Ferris right where he wants him and is about to make Ferris go through an extra high school year but he's stopped by Ferris' sister (Jeanie Bueller) who makes up an excuse for Ferris. Jeanie then blackmails Rooney by showing him his wallet he left on the kitchen floor after finding out he intruded the house. After getting bitten by Ferris' dog, Rooney, he is picked up by the school bus (which is the last we'll see of Edward R. Rooney in the movie).
Ed rooney

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