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Don't you see your in MY SCHOOL, MY RULES!!!
~ Principal Dwight

Principal Ken Dwight is the main antagonist of the Lionsgate film, Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life. He is the principal of Hills Village Middle School, and the archenemy of Rafe Khatchadorian.

He is portrayed by Andy Daly of MADtv fame, who also portrayed Mayor Brown.

Role in the film

He is an uncaring, atrocious, tyrannical, and manipulative principal of Hills Village Middle School, who runs the school as if it were a prison. He makes all of his students follow his code of conduct; it is filled with rules that sucks the fun out of the school. A new student named Rafe Khatchadorian (the protagonist of the film) already gets on Dwight's bad side when he draws an insulting picture of Dwight as a zombie in his notebook during an assembly that gets seen by other students. As stated in the code of conduct, any reading material deemed inappropriate would be destroyed, so Dwight destroys Rafe's notebook containing all of Rafe's old drawings.

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Dwight after Rafe sets off the fire alarm sprinklers.

Upset by this, Rafe decides to break the rules of Dwight's code of conduct in retaliation to get even. Eventually, Dwight notices that test scores are going down mostly in Mr. Teller's class, and as he needs the high scores raised for the upcoming test called B.L.A.A.R., he decides to illegally cut Mr. Teller's class from the test. Dwight then figures out the person breaking the code of conduct is one of Mr. Teller's students, so he suspends all of them and fires Mr. Teller. This forces Rafe to come clean and confess he was the student, which Dwight initially does not believe until Rafe breaks the rule of not setting off a false fire alarm, resulting in Dwight choosing to expel Rafe for his actions.

Eventually, Rafe's girlfriend Jeanne Galletta found out that this whole turn of events was to cover up Dwight's actions of cutting off Mr. Tellers' class from taking B.L.A.A.R. this whole time. As such, the other suspended students (along with Mr. Tellers and the local janitor Gus) agree to help Rafe expose Dwight. When the day that the students take the B.L.A.A.R., Rafe appears and tells the students how much of a bad principal Dwight really is. Mr. Tellers then arrives with the superintendent and with the proof that Jeanne recorded on tape exposing Dwight's illegal actions. As a result, the superintendent fires Dwight, along with his accomplice Vice Principal Ida Stricker.


Principal Dwight was shown to be a cruel, greedy, selfish, ruthless, tyrannical, domineering, and manipulative man who likes following the rules and making the students follow them. As the movie went on he was shown a total hypocrite for making the students follow the rules but yet he broke the rules of being a principal and the law.



  • In the reoccurring cartoon-fantasy scenes, Principal Dwight is portrayed as a zombie who constantly dances and yells "BLAAR!"
  • In the book that the movie is based on, he was a minor character with only a few appearances, but in the movie he serves as the main antagonist.

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