Princess Tosatsu
My boning knife can and will cut anything!
~ Princess Tosatsu

Princess Tosatsu was the main antagonist turned anti-hero in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. She was the main villain of the game only to be replaced by the true main villain after she was redeemed.

However, despite being redeemed, she is still defeated by almost drowning in the sea kingdom since a spell that was put on her before she entered the kingdom that made her breathe underwater wore off.

Despite this, she along with other members of the Tosatsu kingdom and the Demons return to help the Sea Kingdom to defeat the Sea of Death.


Princess Tosatsu wears a red furisode with a gradient pattern and red kimono sandals. She sports a rabbit ear headband to go with her kingdom's rabbit theme. She has long brown hair reminiscent of a hime cut. Her fingernails are painted red.


Princess Tosatsu has a childish personality. She is cantankerous, bad-tempered, and argumentative, which was reflected when she received a letter from "Uomi" and went on to hire demons and invade the deep-sea kingdom on the intent of slaughtering Uomi.



  • Princess Tosatsu represents a humanoid version of a Bunny
  • Despite her only appearing when the Tosatsu soldiers invade the Sea Kingdom, she is still considered one of the main villains of the game.
  • Her father, Artamos, was once a huge, ferocious beast. Now he is just a robotic rabbit head since he was cursed by a Witch.
  • Princess Tosatsu is not Princess Uomi's sister, they are just 2 princesses of kingdoms. However, Uomi's actual sister is Princess Mikotsu