You interlopers will be consumed!
~ Princess Shroob

Princess Shroob (simply known as Shroob) is the central antagonist of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. She is the oppressive princess of the Shroob race and the one leading the Shroob's attack on the Mushroom Kingdom. She also has an elder sister known as the Elder Princess Shroob


All started when the Planet Shroob was withering and dying, and in order to find a new place for their people, the two Princess Shroobs attacked Mushroom Kingdom in the past. When Princess Peach (who was traveling back in time) trapped Elder Princess Shroob inside the Cobalt Star and broke it into shards, Princess Shroob took over as leader of the Shroobs. She launched a missile to take down Baby Bowser's Koopa cruiser in an attempt to kill him, Peach, and the Mario Bros. (both past and present).

Princess Shroob was next seen hosting a celebration about conquering the kingdom, and fed Peach to Petey Piranha. When she discovered the Mario Bros, she sent Shrooboid Brat to defeat the Mario Bros, but they defeated him. Princess Shroob and her minions sent them falling into the caves below.

Eventually, Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi entered in the Shroob Castle (Peach's castle in the past, taken over by Shroobs) and fought Princess Shroob. They defeated her, and, like previous enemies, she was destroyed in a brilliant explosion.


Princess Shroob is a very sadistic, cruel, ruthless, and magisterial tyrant who likes to cause suffering to others. This is shown when she ordered her Shroobs to destroy the Koopa Cruiser, tried to feed Princess Peach to Petey Piranha without mercy, and even was possible for the destruction of the Mario and Luigi from the future. Although she has an argumentative and tyrannical attitude towards her enemies, Princess Shroob appears to care more about the Shroobs's future than her sister, the Elder Princess Shroob.

Powers and Abilities

Princess Shroob is able to make energy balls, increase her size, fly, teleport, and control Stars when she is battling against her enemies. It's also revealed that Princess Shroob is a Master of Disguise, as she tricked everyone into believing she was the real Princess Peach.