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Princess Pony Puff is an on-and-off villain from Dexter's Laboratory.

A parody of My Little Pony, the seemingly harmless Princess Pony Puff often acts as Dee Dee's prized plaything and she treats the doll as if was real and her best friend - which may well be true as the spirit of Princess Pony Puff once manifested in front of Dee Dee's two friends when they bullied her into giving them rides after Dexter used (questionable) science to turn her into a pony: going as far as threatening to devour the girls if they dared mess with Dee Dee again (in a way acting a dark guardian).

Princess Pony Puff was also shown to be the archenemy of Action Hank and a hater of all things to do with the stereotypical "tough guy" imagery beloved by many boys - showing a darker side than even her previous manifestation hinted at: with Princess Pony Puff and her minions outright declaring war on Action Hank and boys in general.