Princess Emeraude

Princess Emeraude

Princess Emeraude is a recurring villain from the Magic Knight Rayearth.


Cephiro pillar serving Princess. It is without her prayer Cephiro does not hold. While a body that must pray the happiness of million people (all life to live in Cephiro), because although he loved as a is an individual (Zagato) the one woman vassal, and imprisoned itself to the jail of the water and killing It was summoned magic knight from another world in order to get.In the anime version has been watching the three people in jail, to help in the magic line that was attacked in the illusion of Zagato, it has also such contact to Ferio.

A long blond hair is characterized by little girl figure wavy, but late, grow into too adult grief of the death of Zagato, himself become a vengeance demon, summoned Rune God, and pounce on the magic knight. But remaining in the mind as a pillar to tell the truth of "Legend", it was begging to kill himself. And finally brought down to magic knight, and disappear while joy that you get used to those of Zagato1 people Womotte death.

It appeared as a genie in the OVA version, to survive until the end.