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Princess Celestia is a character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is the good-natured ruler of Equestria, the show's main setting, and is responsible for raising the sun at dawn. Due to some of her actions, like not getting involved with defeating returning villains, being perceived as abusive and counter-intuitive by some of the show's fans, many jokes and theories in fandom involve her being a tyrant and a "troll". The "Molestia" meme even involves a rapist alternate persona of her. Those memes are well known and documented on Know Your Meme here.

Tyrant Celestia

Tyrant Celestia is an internet meme, a power hungry dictator and an alternate version of Princess Celestia from the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic animated show. The following is the "standard" depiction of Tyrant Celestia, but details may vary from fanfic to fanfic.

Origin and backstory

When Celestia originally defeated her sister Nightmare Moon, she was left as the lone ruler over her kingdom for a thousand years, controlling both the Sun and Moon. For a while, everything was peaceful. But her absolute power eventually started to corrupt her. She became paranoid and afraid of potential usurpers.

So in order to keep her rule permanent, she started to change the Laws and Rules of Equestria and with time, became a dark, sinister overlord. She started hiring more military personal and harshly punishing anyone she perceived as a potential threat.

She became so twisted and demented that sometimes she started making new laws up on the fly, as it suited her moods and her ego. No longer the kindly ruler she was before, she now was a full-fledged tyrant.

Personality and Traits

Once a happy, cheerful, and delightfully caring ruler, Celestia turned into a sinister, demented, wicked tyrant. She thinks of herself as a perfect being, and that anyone beneath her, even her sister Luna , is a mere underling. She cruelly punishes anyone she perceives as an opponent. She also seems completely egotistical, not caring about anybody else but herself, and appears to have personality disorders similar to real life dictators, such as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and even Saddam Hussein.


Her only goal is to see keep her rule absolute and permanent as long as she lives. The more powerful she becomes, the more her thirst for absolute order grows. Some interpretations of her may become so power hungry and evil that she will attempt to conquer Planets/Universes/Galaxies/Etc.

Rules and Laws

Celestia's reign is the enforced barbaric rule of a standard evil overlord, "obey my rules or die" being her motto. She commands her Royal Guards to squash any riots, protests and rebellions and loves to personally punish transgressors. She may use her power to control the sun as a weapon, incinerating disobeying ponies. But death is merciful compared to some other means of punishment she can use. Sometimes she may banish her victims to the Moon. In other cases she may resort to horrific torture in her many dungeons. If Tyrant Celestia overlaps with Trollestia (below) the punishments she enacts may be utterly insane and darkly humorous.

Role in Fanfics

in Fanfics that feature Tyrant Celestia, her evilness is often reveled in various ways:

  1. Luna, her sister, remaining missing (something that was disproven in canon by Season 2).
  2. A discovery of a hidden conspiracy.
  3. Portraying Princess Luna's "Lunar Republic" as good, and Celestia's "Solar Empire" as evil.
  4. A dark plan involving the Elements of Harmony.
  5. Celestia comitting acts not typical of her bevolent ways in the show.

Celestia is often protrayed as an evil mastermind just because she banished her sister in the moon. Canonically, Celestia didn't have any choice in the matter, because of Nightmare Moon's threat of eternal night that could have wiped out all life in Equestria. Every so often in the fics, Tyrant Celestia does end up destroyed - either killed outright or simply stripped of her immortality.

Often, fanfics with Tyrant Celestia may present canonical forces of evil in Equestria in a good light. For instance, pretending that she banished Luna to the moon for no good reason, or that Discord is actually a force for good opposed to the tyranical princess' ways.




The "Trollestia" meme is a variation of the "Tyrant Celestia" meme which depicts Princess Celestia not as a standard Evil Overlord, but as a Caligula-like ruler, who randomly terrorizes her own subjects for her personal amusement. It is a vast exaggeration of canon Celestia's tendency to play usually harmless pranks on her subjects, which are seen as similar to internet trolling by the fandom. "Trollestia" was popularized by the parody flash Friendship Is Magic Bitch, wherein Celestia's subjects complain about her antics only for her to ignore them with nonsensical ramblings involving bananas. Once she gets bored of this, she springs a trap that sends her victims blasting off into space out of a giant cannon, while yelling "ON THE MOOOOOOOOOONAAAAAA, BEEEEYAAAAAATCH!"


Princess Trollestia looks like Celestia, but sometimes with her normal face replaced with a Trollface.


Trollestia's level of evil varies from fanfic to fanfic. In some, she may still be fundamentally good, only with a somewhat exaggerated and mean sense of humor. At her worst, Trollestia is pure Chaotic Evil, so utterly insane that nothing is safe around her: a crazy ruler who takes trolling to whole new levels with her utter commitment to causing havoc for everyone around her, simply to amuse herself.

Powers and Abilities

Trollestia wields all the usual abilities of Celestia, along with the reality-defying antics of Trollface and his ilk - in the "Friendship Is Magic Bitch" parody she had a massive cannon capable of firing people off into the sky. She would typically aim this cannon at the moon, but not one pony she fires actually makes it there.


Perhaps the most infamous of all Celestia parodies, Molestia is a variant of the Trollestia meme.

Molestia is portrayed as a serial-rapist, shock-troll and pervert - often appearing in awkward or surreal situations and molesting characters (hence her name).



One of the more well-known "Molestia" You Tube parodies


Molestia is a mutation of the "Tyrant Celestia / Trollestia" meme. The first appearance of Molestia seems to be this picture. Although this Molestia is an entirely distinct character from Princess Celestia herself, many fanfics would later turn her into an alternate personality of Celestia.


Molestia usually looks pretty much the same as regular Celestia, however she can be distinguished from the other versions by her crazed eyes and maniacal grin (her "rapeface"). She is usually either drawn in an exagerated style or portrayed using 3D software (such as when she appears in the infamous TF2 parodies).

In some art, Molestia may be distinguished from the true Celestia by her pink mane and sometimes body (perhaps in reference to the infamous "Pinklestia" toy produced by Hasbro - a Celestia recolored pink for additional appeal to little girls).


Molestia shares many traits of "Trollestia" but most of the "comedy" comes from the idea of twisting her into an overt pervert who regularly threatens to molest characters - often appearing in very random places and generally causing mischief (again, similar to her "Trollestia" persona).

Powers / Abilities

Molestia has the same powers as Celestia herself, such as being able to send people randomly to the moon and manipulate reality to a certain extent (as can many "troll humor" characters, due to the nonesensical nature of the stories they appear in).

In "Princess Molestia"

link in the fic, Luna unintentionally released the "Molestia" personally in an attempt to pull off a prank. as a result, Molestia goes on a rape rampage. her list of victims included two of her guards, Luna, all the elements of harmony, Big Mac, (halfly) Spike, and was quickly cured by the elements of harmony before allowed to go too far. unlike the other two, Molestia isn't entirely evil, as to being a victim of twisted desires of lust and sex. Also in this fic, Celestia, the prsioner of Molestia, was forgiven and was not held responsible for the alternate personality.

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