Why aren't you eating the rest? Don't you know how scarce meat is? ...When we have a kill, those who eat are those who fight for it.
~ Princess towards Runt after giving him food, revealing her real character amidst her pack's typical mindset

During the events of Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure, Kate and Humphrey's youngest cub Runt is abducted by rogue wolves acting on behalf of their leader King. He is personally helped by his daughter Princess who, unlike her father and other members of the Rogues, actually has a decent side to her that Runt helps bring out.

A Howl-iday Adventure

Runt is abducted by three Rogues on the orders of King to track down and kidnap one of the united Western and Eastern Packs' cubs to use as bait to lure out their Alphas. Shortly afterwards, Runt is ushered under Princess' care for the time being until the deadline for his ransom is met. Initially, Princess is somewhat distant to Runt, giving him food only to keep him alive as a bargaining chip and even threatening him with bodily harm when he snarks at her. However, Runt's presence really starts to bring out her maternal instincts. This becomes more evident over time as she advises Runt on warmer places to sleep and he grows to trust her. Nevertheless, Princess remains his captor and keeps him under strict watch at her father's command. Although this doesn't stop her from acting defensive of him, such as when she drives a Rogue threatening to hurt Runt for insulting him off a ledge.

As the deadline nears, Princess waits in anticipation and is visibly disturbed when King declares that they will kill Runt if the Alphas of the Western-Eastern Pack do not show up to rescue him. Despite that, she still follows her father's orders and keeps a close eye on Runt. Humphrey and Garth stage the "big Alpha" ploy to distract King and the Rogues so that Kate can sneak by and lead Runt to safety. Princess is momentarily led away from watching over Runt when "big Alpha" Humphrey feigns an interest in having her as a potential mate. When their cover is blown, Princess immediately joins her father and the other Rogues in their attack. During the climax, King orders Princess to lead an attack on the Western-Eastern Pack's territory while their Alphas are distracted with fighting the Rogues. For once, Princess refuses to follow through with his order and instead abandons the battle. It is unknown what happened to her, but it is likely that she moved with the rest of the Rogues when they fled beyond their former territory.


Unlike her father and most of the Rogues, Princess does not seem to share the collective Social Darwinist views. While with Runt, her good side does emerge when she takes care of him and tries to comfort him when it seems that his time may be near-a complete opposite to her father's dismissal of Runt as weak and worthless. Nevertheless, she still tries to follow her father's orders, seemingly out of genuine loyalty as a daughter would have to her father. This even extends to her willingness to be used in his plans-such as when they believed "big Alpha" Humphrey desired to make her his mate, or her job with ensuring Runt remain their captive.

However, she finally rejects his commands at the end when she, unlike King, realizes the wrong of what he is plotting to do. It is quite notable that instead of being angry with her refusal, King is legitimately shocked. Effectively, Princess serves as an anti-villainous foil to her father in the respect that she can change. Despite her loyalty to him and willingness to follow his orders until the end, she willingly aids the one deemed "weak" by his standards and treats him with kindness rather than disdain.


  • She is voiced by Meryl Leigh.
  • While King and some of his Rogues possibly make a cameo in The Great Wolf Games (as the series is known for reusing/repurposing models), Princess is not seen among them. Thus, her ultimate fate is unknown. However, if those were indeed the Rogues, it could suggest that Princess voluntarily left or was possibly banished for her refusal to follow King's final command.


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