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Your sister grew up real pretty. Last I saw her, she was just an itty-bitty thing. Not as good as your mom, though. ...She squirms too much.
~ Billy to Matt Spicer.
See, Ellie? We are a team. You just decided to let that man live. See, the question isn't why do I kill people. The question is why I don't kill everybody. I decide who dies, but mostly, I decide who lives. I'm like... God. And now you are too.
~ Billy to Ellie Spicer.
Do you think I might see her there? Maybe get a second chance, I'd really like that.
~ Billy Flynn's last words, as he wants Morgan to kill him so that he can meet his mother in heaven.

Billy Flynn also known as the "Prince of Darkness", is a profiliac serial killer in Criminal Minds. He is the main antagonist of Season 5.

He was portrayed by veteran actor Tim Curry who also played Pennywise/IT in Stephen King IT.


Early Life and First Murders

Billy had a very bad childhood, his mother Nora Flynn was a drug addict and a prostitute living with him in low-level class home in California. Billy would watch Nora having sex with her clients while inside a closet, Billy was constantly raped by Nora's clients for extra money. Years later, Billy killed both Nora and her client John for unknown reasons and was arrested and eventually released due to his age. Billy then became a burglar and later murderous rapist, during his killings, he would always left a scarred survivor behind.

One of these scarred survivors was Matt Spicer and his sister Kristen, whose parents were murdered by Billy in July 28. 26 years later, Billy found a now adult (and detective) Matt via newspaper and discovered that he had a daughter, Ellie. Billy decided that he would destroy Matt's life once again by "murdering" Ellie.

Second Murders and Death

After returning to finish the job, Billy started a new killing spree based on his older one to attract Matt but instead attracted the BAU, killing people during nighttime. As a result of Billy's killing spree, it was decided that the whole Los Angeles gets eletricity power, however, this action unitentionally caused a massive blackout. Billy successfully kidnapped Ellie and Kristen, taking them to Matt's old house and killing the current resident in the process.

Minutes later, Matt was shot in the chest by Billy and Ellie was later used by him as an accomplice. The team discovers that Billy's intention was not to murder Ellie but live with her due to his obsession. After realizing that he was hurting Ellie just like Nora hurted him, he released her and broke into a couple's home alone. Realizing that he was ambushed by the BAU and the police, he made a phone call, saying that Agent Derek Morgan should come to arrest him alone, after an emotional conversation with Morgan, he was eventually killed by him.


Body Count: 200+

  • Nora Flynn
  • John
  • 200 families
  • Joe Spicer
  • Sylvia Spicer
  • Gomez
  • Kohl
  • Gregory Everson
  • Colleen Everson
  • Annie Danzi
  • Unnamed Couple
  • Current Spicer Residence Owner
  • Kristin Spicer
  • Larry Simmons
  • Annette Simmons
  • Unnamed Male Motorist
  • Paul Farraday


  • Billy's actor, Tim Curry, also played Lord of Darkness, who ironically has an almost identical name.
  • His alias is also another for The Devil.