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Prince Tigerius Mahmoud Shaboz, or better known as Tiger, is the (former) quartenary antagonist in Over the Hedge. He is Gladys's former pet Persian cat who is now in a love relationship with Stella. Tiger speaks with a heavy Persian accent and cannot smell anything.

He is voiced by Omid Djalili who also played Trumper.


Tiger serves as Gladys's cat, protecting the house from the wild animals. Those, however, were hoping to distract him with help of Stella the Skunk, whom they make up as a cat. Tiger actually buys for it, friendly chatting with Stella during the whole operation, falling in love with her due to her temper and edge personality. He even helps the animals to escape after Stella skunks, telling her that he's unable to smell anything. However, the animals fail to escape and are captured. In the end, after Gladys is arrested and the animals returned to their home, Tiger reforms and decides to leave in the outdoors woods with Stella and the others. At first, Tiger is a short-tempered cat and slightly arrogant, seeing the other animals as being filthy. He also seems to see through Stella's tricks.

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