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Prince Pyjamarama

Full Name
Prince Pyjamarama
Rajeesh's uncle, Indian man
To get rid of the raja and to have new types of pyjamas
Superted, Spotty, Rajeesh as his nephew and the annoying monkey
Type of Villain
Asian Villain
Why is it that I a prince should have nothing to wear? But once I dispose of the little raja, I'll control the royal treasury. Then I'll fill this whole palace of pyjamas! Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!
~ Prince Pyjamarama
Yes, my lovely little lucky charms. You haven't hands my fortunes, then fool this day. Soon, I'll have every type of pyjama ever made and all of them sulk. Not that file 50 percent for the ester stuff
~ Prince Pyjamarama who's getting very excited to become a new raja
Prince Pyjamarama is a main antagonist of The Further Adventures of Superted-Ruse of the Rajah. He trys to get rid of his nephew, Prince Rajeash. And he has a helping henchman, Mufti. Prince Pyjamarama has a favourite subject of his, Pyjamas. And altogether, Prince Pyjamarama & Mufti try to get rid of Superted & Spotty as well. Prince Pyjamarama wants Mufti to dress as a white tiger and kidnap Rajeash to the cave because he wants to be King. But Superted, Spotty in the white tiger costume & Rajeash stop Prince Pyjamarama & Mufti on time. But Prince Pyjamarama & Mufti try to run for it but Superted & Rajeash make Prince Pyjamarama & Mufti slip to the water fountain. Prince Pyjamarama was voiced by Frank Welker. Prince Pyjamarama is an inspiration to Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

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