Prince Otwani is the main villain of the movie Sheena. He was played by Trevor Thomas.


Otwani was the younger brother of King Jabalani. He had plans to mine Gudjara Mountain for its sacred healing earth, but there was only one problem - Gudjara existed on Zambuli land, land protected by King Jabalani. Thus, Otwani hatched a scheme to have Jabalani assassinated (framing the Zambulis' shaman for the crime), then he hired the Black Berets and ordered Colonel Jorgensen to mobilize his troops to Gudjara for the purposes of wiping the Zambulis out so that the mining could begin. The only thing standing in his way was Sheena, who eventually killed him by firing an arrow through the windshield of his onrushing Land Rover as he attempted to run her down.