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Principe Olbaid! Guillermo Portillo Acosta.
~ Prince Olbaid's voice actor revealed in the credits.

Prince Olbaid (also known as The Devil) (Príncipe Olbaid in the Spanish language) is the main antagonist of the 1976 Mexican animated film "Los Tres Reyes Magos" (The Three Wise Men). He is a large and tyrannous priest who plans to cancel Christmas. Olbaid also has a sidekick named Murcio. He is very similar to Jafar in the Disney movie Aladdin. He scolds Murcio for failing the plans to stop the wise men from their journey to Bethlehem. In addition, he tells his sidekick to be serious instead of being goofy. He is first met by Murcio, but seen as a large flame with a face. He is the former slave of King Herod. Olbaid has a demonic horse used for transportation. Near the end of the film, Balthazar tricked Prince Olbaid by reading his name on his chalice backwards. He then scolds the priest that he tricked the kings on their journey. Prince Olbaid removes his robe that he is actually the devil (also known as Satan). King Melchor knows that the devil is about to kill Balthazar, so he prays to keep Balthazar safe by saving him from being killed after stunning King Gaspar. King Balthazar grabs a broken spear, then impaling him. Olbaid is finally killed by Balthazar, leaving Murcio alone.


Prince Olbaid reveals his true form at 7:24




  • Prince Olbaid's name, "Olbaid", is the word "Diablo" spelled backwards.
  • He shares similarities with Jafar from Aladdin:
    • They are both warlocks and reveal to be true monsters near the end.
    • They both die leaving their sidekicks all by themselves (Iago and Murcio).
  • Prince Olbaid is based on Satan.