Principe Olbaid: Guillermo Portillo Acosta.
~ Prince Olbaid's voice actor revealed in the credits.

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Prince Olbaid (also known as The Devil) (Príncipe Olbaid in the Spanish language) is the main antagonist of "Los Tres Reyes Magos" (The Three Wise Men), the first animated film made in Mexico. Olbaid has a sidekick named Murcio (who later reforms and transforms into an angel, tarnishing all his demonic traits to reform in the good side), a little demon sent by Olbaid to help get rid of the Three Kings from arriving to Bethlehem but due to his failure, he decides to take out the Three Kings himself. He is voiced by the late Guillermo Portillo Acosta, a Mexican voice actor.

Role in the Film

During Murcio's arrival to the Devil's Lair, Olbaid (taking the form of a large figure of flame) tells Murcio to stop the Three Kings from reaching their way to Bethlehem as he transforms into his disguised form. As Murcio plans to stop the Three Kings from reaching Bethlehem, Olbaid manages to advise King Herod to investigate the place where the future Messiah will be born, in which during that scene, King Herod suddenly becomes enraged that he lied to him about the place where the future Messiah will be born.

Upset that Murcio's plans were unsuccessful, Olbaid manages to face the Three Kings by himself. Upon encountering the Three Kings, he kindly gives three gifts to them: a conch shell that hears the entire ocean, a crystal sphere that sees the future, and a chalice showing Olbaid's name. When Balthazar reads the words backwards on his chalice, he then realizes that "Olbaid" is actually the Devil from the fiery kingdom of Hell. The Three Kings turn against Olbaid for lying to the three during the flattery. Refusing to return to his forbidden kingdom, he suddenly causes massive damage in the tent the Three Kings built for them to relax so they could arrive to Bethlehem soon. During a confrontation, Gaspar is severely injured and Olbaid suddenly transforms into his true form: an actual demon. Confronting him, Melchor is worried that the Three Kings are in danger, so he prays to God to keep them safe from danger. King Balthazar suddenly sees a broken spear, in which he manages to grab the spear and he finally kills the Devil. Upon killing the Devil, everything is back to normal except for Gaspar who is severely injured during the battle in which Balthazar, Melchor, and his pink camel Rosita mourn him for his supposed "death" until he is brought back to life.


Prince Olbaid reveals his true form at 7:24




  • Prince Olbaid's name, "Olbaid", is the word "Diablo" (Spanish for "devil") spelled backwards.
  • He shares similarities with Jafar from Aladdin:
    • They are both warlocks and reveal their true forms near the end.
    • They both die leaving their sidekicks all by themselves (Iago and Murcio).