Prince Lucas was the son of Werelion King Leopold and Werewolf Queen Amelie, the half brother and enemy of Drew Ferran, the incorrect Prince of Lyssia, the former fiancé of Lady Gretchen and an antagonist in the Wereworld series. He was a fifteen year old Werelion and lived in Highcliff in Lyssia with his parents and was spoiled rotten which caused to grow up to be rather snobbish and cruel and was also engaged to a Werefox named Lady Gretchen.

He also despised his older half brother Drew Ferran because he was the son of Lyssia's previous king and Amelie's first husband Wergar whom Leoplod killed to claim the throne. After meeting the Catlords of Bast he is brainwashed by them into killing his father because he broke his promise of sending them gold when he became king.

He eventually dies after Gretchen impales him with antlers.


In his human form, Lucas had blonde hair and wears red clothing with a yellow cape with clips on it shaped like paws. In his Werelion form, he has gold fur, a mane and teeth and claws.