Impossible! How could we possibly live with these... sun people? Sniveling, cowardly creatures with soft feelings... and... and soft heads?
~ Prince Froglip

Prince Froglip (simply known as Froglip) is the main antagonist of the 1991 animated fantasy film, The Princess, and the Goblin. He is the son of the Goblin King and the Goblin Queen, and he seeks to marry Princess Irene, so the "sun people" will have no choice but to accept the Goblins as their rulers.

He was voiced by the late Rik Mayall, who later played Cufflingk in Disney's Valiant, Richie Rich in Filthy, Rich & Catflap, and Richard Richard in the TV sitcom Bottom.


Prince Froglip is portrayed as a xenophobic, manipulative, sarcastic, ugly, cruel, and abusive goblin of high-rank who is doted upon by his fearsome mother and takes great pride in being unpleasant, blameworthy, and reprehensible: he also expresses a desire to force sun people (what goblins call humans because they need the sun) underground, hoping that in time they too would develop the ugly features of goblins.

Despite his great ugliness, he (like most goblins) viewed humans as extremely grotesque. Prince Froglip also has the tendency to lisp and spit a lot when he talked - this was used as a type of comedy in the movie, and he is also prone to overly dramatic gestures and clothing.

In the end, while Curdie and Irene (the protagonist) are on a rock during a flood, Froglip comes back to get Irene (again), causing a fight between him and Curdie. Meanwhile, Irene punches his foot (goblins' feet are the only place that can get hurt), and Curdie kicks him off the rock while he is losing his balance, and Froglip presumably falls to his death.  





  • In the book, Froglip was called "Harelip" and was half-goblin/half-human.