Prince Dorgon is one of two villains of 2012 South Korean action film War of
the Arrows
is Qing Prince who invaded Korea along with his uncle and general Jyustina whom they closed as father and son . He was cruel and dangerous prince who raped Korean women as slaves and massacred their loved ones. until he chose Choi Ja-in, a recently married woman whose wedding innputed by attack which killed her in laws who happened be foster parents.the men tried off her clothes Ja-in speak Manchu from her late father who surprised and impressed  Dorgon who begun lust on her and sent her food. next night Ja-in tried killed Dorgon who tried raped her before she was saved by her brother Choi Nam-yi and her husband Kim Seo-goon and their friends, Nam-yi holding Dorgon as his hostage in front of the guards asking his sister and brother in law to escaped it along with his friends Nam-yi used Dorgons's beers splash into him and used bedsheets it take few hours before Nam-yi used bow to make  fire which kills Dorgon who burned to death  in front of his bodyguards, his death left Jyustina to get revenge against Choi Nam-yi.



  • He was played by Park Ki-woong who played Shunji Kimura
  • Unlike in the movie Dorgon survived in the real life and rule Qing under title as Prince