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Prince Cyrus Henstridge is like a British J.R. Ewing in The Royals. He is one of the main antagonist in the Royals. He is plotting to take the throne of England from his brother. He also is the main reason, that his brother is called the house of lords to remove the Henstridge family from the throne. SInce being in the throne tearing everybody apart. Cyrus really hates his brother Simon, because he was weak and jealous because he was his parents favorite. Cyrus has two daughters Princess Penelope and Maribel. Cyrus and Simon are like characters from King Lear Shakespearean play. They are also similar to King Richard and Prince John of Robin Hood series. Cyrus is scheming to take the throne from his brother. You thought Helena is bad, you had to meet his brother in law. In One Tree Hill, they are like Dan and Keith Scott feuding brothers.

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