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Prime-evil ghostbusters
No one would be foolish enough to try to stop ghost!
~ Prime Evil

Prime Evil is the main villain of Filmation's Ghostbusters. The self-appointed leader of ghosts, Prime Evil resides at Hauntquarters somewhere in the Fifth Dimension/Ghost Limbo.

He drove Jake Kong family to close a mine they had (from episode "The Headless Horseman Caper"). Prime Evil's first encounter with the Ghostbusters happened as the Senior Ghostbusters were training the next Ghostbusters in the mine. Prime Evil ended up trapped in the mines locked vault 100 years along with Brat-a-rat. However, he got out when he lied to Belfry and told him he was a bat.


  • In the original concept sketches, Prime Evil was designed as a more traditional Grim Reaper-type figure, or at least strongly inspired by Mumm-Ra from Thundercats.
  • Prime Evil has an overbearing sister named Prime Ordeal (Who calls him "Itchy") and a bratty nephew, whom his sister only refers to as "Snookums".

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