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Primator III
Primator was the second monster created by Lord Zedd in season 2 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  He was created from a white monkey costume worn by the black ranger, Zach. Primator has the power to disguise himself as any human and wields a double-pointed spear.

In the episode "The Wanna-Be Ranger", Alpha 5 leaves the command center to help a lost boy find his mother in Angel Grove Park. Zedd creates Primator and has him turn into one of the rangers and bring him to the command center. Primator turns into Billy and orders Alpha to bring him back. Knowing that Billy would never behave like this, Alpha sensed something was wrong. He saw Primator's reflection is his helmet, exposing his identity. Primator then attacks Alpha; tearing him apart and leaves him to short-circuit.  He then goes to Ernie's disguised as Zach and has Trini and Kimberly meet Tommy at the Park. They do so and are lured into a trap and become surrounded by Z Putties.  They defeat the putties and all the rangers regroup at the command center.

Zordon explains what Primator is doing and what he did to Alpha. The rangers morph and battle with Primator. The monster proves too much for them as he constantly turns into one of them causing confusion. The rangers then retreat to the command center to come up with another strategy. Zordon tells them that Primator's identity can be exposed if his face is seen through a mirror. The rangers then split up to lure Primator which works. Jason, Billy and Trini find Tommy who says that he is losing his powers. The rangers know that Tommy would never give up that easily. Billy has him look in the mirror and to see if he looks okay and Primator's idenity is revealed. Zedd then makes him grow and rangers pursue him in their megazords. Tommy's dragonzord fights him first but Primator fights him off and damages him with his spear. The Thunder MegaZord appears and is too strong for the monster and Primator is destoryed.

In "Zedd's Monster Mash", Primator has a cameo return as one of the monsters summoned in the graveyard on Halloween night. He is defeated easily by Tommy.

Primator was best Zyu2 monster in by Lord Zedd.


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