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Primagen Render 2

the primagen

The Primagen is the main antagonist and final boss of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, an alien life form with telepathic powers who crashed his Lightship into the Lost Lands eons ago. 

After the events of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Tal'Set threw the Chronoscepter into a volcano in an attempt to destroy it, keeping it out of evil hands. However, its destruction triggered an earthquake that awoke the Primagen from his slumber. Realizing the danger he posed, the elders of the lost Lands erected five energy totems in places thought to be vulnerable to the Primagen's power.

Upon awakening, he used his telepathy to call on his Dinosoid army. It is Joshua Fireseed's duty to destroy the totems and save the universe from the blast wake of temporal energy that would be unleashed from their destruction.


When the Primagen's Lightship was destroyed, the explosion created a new universe, Joshua's universe, and almost destroyed the currently omnipotent entity Oblivion. In essence, the Primagen created the Lost Lands. He challenged creation and was caught up in a prison of his own making, within his own Lightship.

In Turok 2, Oblivion helped the Primagen, as both their goals had the same ends. Whether the Primagen was aware is unknown. When Joshua defeats the Primagen in battle, the Totems activate, and their combined energies completely destroy his body, as well as every last trace of his telepathic energy.


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