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Repent! The End is extremely fucking nigh!
~ The Priest's writing on the wall of the London Church

The Priest is a minor antagonist in the horror film 28 Days Later. He was portrayed by Tony Sedgwick.


The Priest was the head of a church in London and was extremely fanatical and religious in his life. He sprawled religious and Apocalyptic graffiti on his walls in the Outbreak. He was convinced the Outbreak of the Rage Virus was a sign of God's wrath and the events were foretold in The Bible.

In the Outbreak, the Priest himself got Infected and killed all his congregation. He then lurked in a backroom of the church and was barricaded by survivors turning his rooms into a prison.

During the later days of the Outbreak, Jim, having woken from his car crash induced coma and haven and finding himself abandoned in an empty hospital, was wandering round London which was all deserted when he decided to seek refuge in a church. The church seemed peaceful and empty but in fact it was filled with corpses. Jim saw this to his disbelief and horror and then when he asked "Hello?" one of the seemingly-dead bodies stood up. It was an Infected.

Then Jim heard the Priest banging on the doors of his cell and he ventured cautiously down the corridor where the man stumbled out, seemingly confused.

Jim tried to engage the Priest in conversation asking what was going on but the Priest ignored all his attempts at talking and staggered towards him choking. The Priest then grasped at Jim who had to knock him on the head with his bag.

Jim apologized realizing he had knocked a seemingly defenceless man, but the Priest tried to get up again and growled, and Jim realizing this was not a human but a monster, ran for his life.

The Priest died presumably of starvation with the other Infected.