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Preus was an enemy of Superman and despite seeing himself as fighting on the side of good he was in reality a xenophobic being that may of rivalled Superman in strength but lacked the Man of Steel's iconic compassion or honor.

Among the people protecting citizens of Kandor was Citizens’ Patrol Corps sergeant Preus. All proudly wore the S-shield denoting the House of El and respected Superman as a protector. Time passed differently within this version of Kandor, and Preus grew up with a generation that revered Superman in a religious manner and adopted Krypton’s culture even though their Polygot community was named after the Kryptonian city of Kandor. He also was raised with a xenophobic streak, preferring the multiracial city to be pure Kryptonian.

The Corpsman became obsessed with bringing one citizen, Kal-El, to justice after an illusion showed the Man Of Steel killing an innocent boy. At the time Superman was imprisoned in the bottle city and had been brainwashed by the Empireth Lyla to believe he was living once more on Krypton. Even after Superman returned to Earth, the insane Preus managed to follow.

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