Pretty Bomber is a villain from Super Bomberman 2 and acts as the boss of world 3-7. She is a pink-suited girl who utilizes heart-shaped bombs that are mobile, capable of wandering short distances before exploding.
After losing the battle in world 3-7 Pretty Bomber enters her giant robot to act as the boss of world 3-8.
Pretty Bomber's machine resembles a giant sun with a face and attacks via throwing heart-bombs and occassionally eight star-shaped energy blasts.
After this robot is defeated Pretty Bomber is seemingly destroyed when her area is blown up by Bomberman following the battle and he moves on to deal with the remaining villains of the story.

Although seemingly destroyed Pretty Bomber returns alongside the other villains of Super Bomberman 2 (officially known as the Fiendish Bombers) for Super Bomberman 3.

She is not a villain anymore.