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My friends - My fellow Americans - We stand on the brink of eternity! Foreign elements are at work in every corner of the globe, conspiring to do us down an' to undermine our position as the richest, greediest nation on Earth. I have issued an ultimatum to world leaders - Get off our backs an' we start playin' ball or face annihilation! The ultimatum has now expired! I have in my hand the button that will launch the greatest nuclear holocaust in history! Let the world know they won't have President Robert L. Booth an' the good old U.S. of A. to kick around anymore! An' as Americans it is only fittin' that you should have a ringside seat for the holocaust. So I would like to share this moment with you. (Presses button) Didn't sound like much, but believe me, folks, those nukes are flyin'!
~ President Booth's speech right before the Atomic Wars
I was lost, Dredd - Cast down by those not fit to lick my boots! Then you came along and freed me... Freed me to rise again! To build this half-baked army into a force strong enough to claim my rightful place! Know this - The actions of the Judges were unlawful! I, Robert L. Booth, am still the legal president of the United States! And I mean to take back what's mine - To take back America!
~ Booth planning to "take back" America
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President ​Robert Linus Booth (Nicknamed "Bad Bob" Booth) was a villain in the 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd. He was the man who initiated the Atomic Wars which made the way the world of Judge Dredd is today.


Pre-Atomic Wars

Vice President

In 2052, when Robert Booth was the Texas City Governor, he welcomed the Congress approving The Autonomy Act, which granted the three mega-cities of America complete self-governance excluding foreign and military affairs. Booth gave a speech assuring the people who are saying it's the end of the American superstate by saying he believes it's the end of the beginning and tells them that united the United States is still the most powerful nation on Earth. In 2060 the vote from the Northern States has confirmed a landslide win for Harvisson and Booth and President Chambers has ceded victory to her opponents and Booth, now a Vice President, was asked if he will be pursuing a hard line with the growing Anti-American Alliance and he said: "Get this straight - We're not out to bully anyone. Neither will we be ganged up on. Let those banding together to oppose us take that as a warning."

Soured Relations

In 2068, Booth was informed campaign organiser, Raymond Margoles, that pre-election polls are coming in solid for Donnelly and unless they can turn it in the next 24 hours, he's going to lose the election. Booth asks what they're gonna do and Ray suggests they should have a word with Bill Surtees in Elnor Computech, who owes Booth after he helped him sweep the Blackwater Scandal under the carpet. He supplied the voting machinery in most of the territories as well as Mega-City One and Booth says Bill would never agree to rig the election but Ray suggests he can just as easily sweep the Scandal out which Booth reluctantly agrees to and he instructs Ray he never heard it from him which Ray acknowledges to. Thanks to the rigged election, Booth became the President of the United States and became completely corrupt with power, wanting to make the United States the dominant nation on Earth and also says the world is living off America's back. By 2070, he makes a speech announcing since foreign states have been given every opportunity to come to a "reasonable settlement" over their reserves he sent the army to seize control of the machinery in production which completely shattered the already hostile relations with other city-states with them all saying they are not going to stand by and they threaten to go to war if he doesn't remove the US Army from the reserves (Brit-Cit was the only city-state that didn't oppose the United States, but they didn't support them either).

The Murder

Booth was opposed even in his own office, with Special Adviser Arnold Benedict warning Booth that he's leading the planet into a war from which it may never recover and says it's not too late to turn back. A General just calls him a yellowbelly and mocks that he thinks they won't be able to handle the Sovs and the rest and tells him to get the hell out of the office. Arnold says he's not just advising him and warns Booth he's always been loyal but if he continues with his course of action he won't stay silent. Booth says that sounds like a threat and says he wished he didn't say that. Booth then says what he needs to understand is they are on a greatest mission in history because when it's all over the world will be theirs and says he cannot allow anything or anyone to get in the way. He then orders Arnold killed and in the morning of June 2070 the body of Arnold was found at the President's catnip pool and was thought to be a suicide since he had alcohol problems and also had a messy divorce and he was also anti-war and the prospect of it driven him over the edge.

Atomic Wars

The Beginning

On June 12 Chief Judge Goodman organised a meeting with the three great mega-cities Judges. The Judges are worried about the President determination for war and Goodman says he personally made representations but was just laughed by Booth out of his office. Chief Judge of Mega-City Two Gabe Suarez asks if they should arrest him and after Chief Judge of Texas City Marlon Hunnicut asks on what grounds Judge Solomon immediately says insanity. He says that Booth is clearly mad with him believing their shields could block out nuclear retaliation and even if they did, what would be left afterwards. He says the war is global and it will be the greatest disaster on Earth since the extinction of the dinosaurs and it is their duty to prevent it anyway they can. Goodman says if they approached him together he might listen to reason but the others doubt he'll listen to reason and even wants to disband the Judges and return the city to trial by jury. He's also got the people worked up to fever pitch with them believing they can win the war. They were about to go to confront him until they got an message telling them to watch Booth's announcement. Booth announces the first missiles have already been launched and the war to end all wars have began and when it ends the Stars and Strips flag will be raised over the globe and says they didn't want this war but they are going to finish it no matter what. The Judges were dismayed and they quickly returned back to there respective three mega-cities with Suarez never making it back to Mega-City Two due to being caught in a nuclear blast. The Atomic Wars have began and at first in America the nuclear screen defence were holding excluding Erie and the San Diego Quad until the South Sector laser screen has been breached and the area ends up getting nuked. Booth saw an nuclear explosion from his office and tells the General he's trusting his screens. Harrisburg and Long Island end up getting nuked.

The Chaos

The Chief Judge has declared a state of emergency. All of the Cadet Judges over the age of fourteen are being assigned with immediate effect full active service. Cadet Judges Rico and Joe Dredd request to join the older Cadets and the Senior Judge agrees. There was immense panic and chaos in the streets, with people abandoning their vehicles but the Judges tell them to return to there primary residence due to them having auto-pilots. Cadet Judges Joe and Rico Dredd make a mentally broken woman's vehicles return to her residence and they end up having to fight looters who have taken advantage of the chaos with numerous being killed. Judge Kinnison and the twin Cadet Judges then enter a building and find a pair of wild dogs eating corpses and were about to get them until the dogs were gunned down. Cadet Joe Dredd then hear a scream coming from upstairs and they head upstairs. Judge Kinnison then goes in the room and discovers a group of soldiers raping a woman, with them stating their all going to die anyway and Kinnison starts gunning them down until a soldier shot him from the side. The Cadet Judges then rush in there and take out the rest of the soldiers and Joe Dredd tells control Kinnison is injured. Kinnison tells them in his dying breath they did good work and both of them will make it. He then dies and the Cadets were later picked up by reinforcements.

Post-Atomic Wars

Booth Exposed

By the 13th of June the world has been nuked into submission with America not doing much better with it being mostly an uninhabitable wasteland and a pall of smoke hung over the city with the power being cut off and soldiers being put on the street to help maintain order but end up fighting the Judges. Later on President Booth's Senior Aid Howard Lint came forward and confessed to all of Booth's crimes but the Judges were unable to link Booth to the crimes due to there being no evidence until they found a security tape in a safe deposit box belonging to Arnold Benedict which dated two days before the 2068 elections. They made Lint repeat the statement for the record citizen unit and Goodman decides it is now their duty to confront Booth and demand his resignation. Goodman, after getting advice from Eustace Fargo, the founder of the Judges, broadcasts an announcement:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal, that they are endowed with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That whenever a form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people - It is their duty - To throw off such government." I quote these words from the Declaration signed nearly three hundred years ago. Today America, the nation our forefathers fought and died for, lies in ruins - Destroyed by the criminal machinations of one man - President Robert L. Booth! I have issued President Booth with an ultimatum - That he resign and surrender himself immediately for trial! In the meantime I declare his tenure to be at an end! Until futher notice - And with your consent - The governance of Mega-City One will be assumed by the Justice Department! I call on the military to pledge allegiance to the new authority. Futhermore, I have initiated discussions with world powers to bring this disastrous war to a fair and just conclusion!
The footage of the meeting between Booth and Raymond was released by the Justice Department and broadcasted city-wide which angered the populace and they formed a mob outside of the White House and demand Both out with them being held back from storming by the military. The soldiers end up firing into the crowd until they retreat, with numerous being killed. Booth was angered by the broadcasts until he got information from someone in the Justice Department that Fargo is still alive (he was believed to have died in the line of duty in 2051) and according to information, it's in Sector 2 at a research facility and Booth, after asking the General is his troops can be relied upon, orders an attack at that location.

The Attack

After Fargo was sedated, Cadet Judges Joe and Rico Dredd were taking a break on the roof when they saw hundreds of soldiers jumping from gunships towards the facility. Joe manages to tell Control of the attack and they go and order the scientists to evacuate Fargo while they hold off the soldiers. They managed to get into a elevator but not before one of the scientists was killed and the soldiers have managed to cut power from the generator which stopped the elevator from working. The soldiers try to cut the door down but the Cadet Judges manage to use armour-piercing to gun down several soldiers and Joe climbs on top of the elevator and blows the wires which drops the elevator right before the soldiers blew the door open with charges. They manage to get to the bottom uninjured due to the Pneumatic Brake and manage to get to an ambulance but the soldiers also arrived and start shooting them. Rico tells Joe to drive the ambulance while he holds the soldiers off and Rico manages to jump onto the ambulance after it drives off while running over numerous soldiers. A gunship attacks them and they were almost killed until but the Justice Department armours arrives just in time and shoots the gunship down. After Booth's rigging of the election was revealed, the military started to demoralize and surrender in the thousands. After the attack proves Booth refuses to surrender, the Judges launch an attack at the White House with Cadet Judges Joe and Rico Dredd taking part in the final assault. The Judges manage to storm the White House and defeat the soldiers but the General tells them Booth has left an hour ago on a hoverfighter and will be halfway at the rockies.

Judgement of Solomon

He took shelter in the Rocky Mountains with his loyal army of robots and wasn't captured until the Battle of Armageddon in 2071 which resulted in 100,000 Judges and soldiers losing their lives. Booth was captured and the Judges were unable to execute the last President of the United States so Judge Solomon sentences him to a hundred years in suspended animation so future generations can Judge him with the benefit of foresight. He'll be taken to Fort Knox and will be frozen in the deepest vault. Three medic robots, Snap, Crackle and Pop were specifically programmed to look after Booth while he's asleep and year after year they checked his blood until one day a bomb hits Fort Knox which left only Booth and the three robots alive but with no blood remaining, the robots have started to search for blood and began to take drain it from innocent people in a nearby area which created the legend of the vampire around the area.

The Cursed Earth

The Legend of the Vampire

In 2100, while delivering a vaccine to deal with an outbreak in Mega-City Two the convoy stop at a town where Dredd learns from Ikkabod, one of the inhabitants, that for years they have been troubled by a "vampire", who has been killing their loved ones but they are now going to kill the vampire by staking it through the heart. They ask Dredd for help and despite Spikes' objection Dredd agrees and asks to see the most recent victim, Ikkabod's daughter and finds her drained of blood. He orders Judge Patton to tell the others to guard the vaccine while he'll use the kill-dozer to go after the vampire. They arrive at the castle and Dredd recognises the building as Fort Knox. It's Laser cannons start firing at them automatically and while the kill-dozer was immure Dredd and Spikes, who are riding on their lawmasters are open targets so Dredd manages destroy the cannons and break down the entrance into Fort Knox. They find numerous gold stored in there and encounters the trio of robots and announce they're going to kill them. Dredd tries to shoot them but they are immune to bullets so both Spikes and Dredd push the pile of gold bricks onto one of the robots which stuns it but the other two grab Dredd and Spikes. Meanwhile, the country folk found the "vampire" which is in reality Booth in suspended animation and are about to stake him.

Booth's Re-Sentence

Dredd tells the they're trying to save Booth which made them think, giving Dredd time to throw one down the elevator shaft and then convinces the robots he's a Judge by showing his badge. He then rushes down to the vault and stops the hillbillies from staking Booth by shooting the stake from one of their hands. He then explains who he is and how the robots were using their victims blood to keep Booth alive. Ikkabod was about to destroy the robots for killing his daughter but Dredd convinces him the robots can be re-programmed to work for them which they accept. Dredd then rhetorically asks Booth what he's going to do with him and Booth begs to not go back to suspended animation so Dredd sentences Booth to working to bringing the life back into the Cursed Earth with the robots for the rest of his life with the hillbillies keeping an eye on him.


The Ferrymen

In 2119, Dredd with a group of Cadet Judges were finding where alien creatures called Dune Sharks came from and destroy them after an attack in Mega-City One when they arrived at the former town of Erie, which was destroyed in the Atomic Wars. They used a bell to call the ferry so they can take a shortcut and when the ferrymen arrived, with their eyes mutated to look like light to help them see in the fog. The ferryman tell to be quick since a fog is appearing. While they are sailing, the fog disappears and a whirlpool appears and the ferrymen start steering the boat right towards the whirlpool. Dredd demands they turn around and one of the ferryman says that's what he's doing but he needs to lighten their load and knocks the Judges into the whirlpool.

Time Warp

The Judges find themselves floating on the sea during a sunny day and they manage to get on the wood floating. Judge Washington managed to grab the ferrymen's boat and gun down one of them before he could shoot him and demands to go back for them but the ferryman says they're fifty years gone. The Judges notice a boat arriving at there location and the Judges notice it belongs to the Erie Police Department. They were rescued by the crew on the boat and were taken ashore, where two of the Judges were taken to the hospital. While riding in a police vehicle they asked the driver what the year is and he reveals it's June 12, 2070 and the Judges see President Booth in a large screen making a speech announcing the beginning of the Atomic Wars.

Bombing of Erie

Dredd thinks they went through a time warp and realises they need to get out of there in thirty minutes before Erie gets nuked. Dredd takes a gun from one of the officers and demands the other take him and the Cadet Judges to the hospital. They managed to get the Judges and escape back into their police vehicle and drive back to there location until a celebrating crowd blocks their way so they knock out the police officers and head back to the shore and gunned down the guards which Judge Bodine questions but Dredd says they would be killed in the bombing anyway and get onto a boat where they see the bombs heading right towards them. They go into the whirlpool and hope they arrive back to 2119.

The Escape

The Judges managed to escape right before the bomb lands which floods and destroys Erie with no survivors. They were rescued by Judge Washington holding the ferrymen at gunpoint. They figure the nuclear bomb landing in the sea caused a warp in the time continuum. Hours later they arrived at the north shore of Erie and the ferrymen attempted to get away by apologising but Dredd says to them they're not escaping from punishment and he must ensure they cannot do this to anyone else so kills both of the ferrymen by hanging.

New Mutant Army

The Delivery

in 2129, a team of mutants were sent from the Cursed Earth by an unseen person named Linus to deliver a small case to the Justice Department. They all ended up all getting killed by Judge Dredd but no before one of the mutants named Tooey and a mutated face on him named Chuck give the case to a old man named Spender J. Gant, who was an old-style Judge but after being unable to see logic in instant justice, resigned rather than retrain and spent the rest of his life opposing everything the Judges do. Gant gives a teenager a hundred credits to deliver the case for him and when he goes Dredd encounters Gant and announces he's under arrest Gant dies of a heart attack.

The Ransom

The teenager delivered the package to the Judges and it's discovered the inner container had a refrigerator that held a section of human tissue. The DNA was the same as Dredd's and it also contained a note in exchanged for getting back Fargo's body (Fargo was the founder of the Judges) they demand a billion credits in cash only to leave Mega-City One by tomorrow morning with a small escort only and warns them not to have any heavy armaments and they are then to await further instructions. Hershey tells Dredd the DNA is fresh so there's a possibility Fargo, the founder of the Judges and Dredd's clone-father. A small and lightly armed group of Judges led by Dredd were sent into the Cursed Earth with a billion credits to retrieve Fargo. Before they left, the Judges were confused due to Fargo's body being in a tomb in the Hall of Justice but Dredd tells them not to reveal this information to anyone else and tells them the body was fabricated. They have a look at look at the cash and then head into the Cursed Earth. They travelled through the wasteland going past the debris that was once America. They discovered a burning radwagon with one of the attackers corpse wearing body armour and was a mutant and they also found a body of a woman and man who's dying of his wounds. He tells them the mutants have taken their baby and beg the Judges to save him before dying of his wounds and Dredd goes with Curzon, Sanchez and Renga to get the baby while he orders Waters to defend the billion credits. They didn't realise that they were being watched by a vicious mutant gang, who planned on taking the billion credits.


Dredd with the others arrived at a mutant gang and Dredd demands them to reveal the ones who destroyed the radwagon and return the captured baby. The mutants say they didn't steal the baby but took the child for protection and they don't know about the radwagon raid which the Judges believe due to them not having the capability since they're living in a stone age type of lifestyle. They a few norms (non-mutated people) at the camp and learn that they were taking other norms into their care and the mutants hope the babies won't be born mutated. Unfortunately it didn't work due to a baby being deformed despite a norm giving birth to it. The Judges discover it's due to high level of dangerous contamination in the soil and Dredd tells them they have to move to a location where the land is clear and also says he has no choice but the norms who have been rescued by them have to return with them back to Mega-City One.


Dredd and the others returned back to the escort with the billion credits and hear gunfire and heavy artillery firing. They returned and discover an army of vicious mutants attacking the Judges guarding the cash and they were almost overwhelmed until Dredd with the others arrived and they managed to drive off the mutants raiding. One of the Judges, Venables, was killed in action and Dredd orders the others to execute any wounded mutants. Venables' body was picked up by a hovership and Dredd with his team move out and later arrive at a trading post and got a map from a bartender which tells the Judges the routes they need to go to. They eventually arrive at a town called Fargoville which was the birthplace of Judge Eustace Fargo. They are greeted by a parade for them and they meet Mayor Eustace Blunt and Sherriff Eustace Garvie. The Mayor says it's a pleasure to have the disciples of Eustace Fargo back in it's birthplace. They enter a museum dedicated to Fargo and they watch a film explaining Fargo's life. Dredd demands Eustace Johnson, curator of the museum, to tell him why history was rewritten. Johnson denied it at first until Dredd says Eustace Fargo had a twin brother named Ephram Fargo but he wasn't mentioned in the film. Johnson says he was kicked out of town due to him being bad and went to live in the backwoods. He begs Dredd to not say anything else since he'll be arrested and executed for saying too much and Dredd tells him to get out of here.

Dredd and the others go outside but they ended getting arrested under the orders of the sheriff with Judge Logan getting shot.


  • Booth's political history and vote-rigging (and the new middle initial) make him into a George W. Bush reference: another former Governor of Texas who took America to war, and was accused to vote-rigging in 2000.
  • The latest he could have been elected governor is 2050.


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