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My friends - My fellow Americans - We stand on the brink of eternity! Foreign elements are at work in every corner of the globe, conspiring to do us down an' to undermine our position as the richest, greediest nation on Earth. I have issued an ultimatum to world leaders - Get off our backs an' we start playin' ball or face annihilation! The ultimatum has now expired! I have in my hand the button that will launch the greatest nuclear holocaust in history! Let the world know they won't have President Robert L. Booth an' the good old U.S. of A. to kick around anymore! An' as Americans it is only fittin' that you should have a ringside seat for the holocaust. So I would like to share this moment with you. (Presses button) Didn't sound like much, but believe me, folks, those nukes are flyin'!
~ President Booth's speech right before the Atomic Wars
I was lost, Dredd - Cast down by those not fit to lick my boots! Then you came along and freed me... Freed me to rise again! To build this half-baked army into a force strong enough to claim my rightful place! Know this - The actions of the Judges were unlawful! I, Robert L. Booth, am still the legal president of the United States! And I mean to take back what's mine - To take back America!
~ Booth planning to "take back" America
President ​Robert Linus Booth (Nicknamed "Bad Bob" Booth) is a villain in the 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd. He was the man who initiated the Atomic Wars which made the way the world of Judge Dredd is today.


Pre-Atomic Wars

Robert L. Booth was elected Vice President under President Harvisson in 2060. During Harvisson's second term he suceeded to the presidency under the 25th Amendmant and was elected President of the United States in 2068 via rigging the vote-counting computers. One of the promises he made was the 'No Foul' statutes which allow violence at sports matches as long as it's confined to the pitches.

Booth then soured the already-bad international by announcing the world was living off America's back and sent the US Army to sieze foreign oil reserves. He assassinated an adviser after he opposed Booth and threatened to disband the Judges and return to trial by jury.

Atomic Wars

He proceeded to start the Atomic Wars as an response to international opposition, convincing himself and the American people the nuclear screens would repel retaliatory attacks. Unfortunately, the nuclear screens failed and America (and the rest of the world) was turned into a radiated wasteland with only the mega-cities not affected by the nuclear attack. The angered public would turn against Booth and supported the Judges taking over the country. Booth fled the White House with his army of supporters and took refuge in the Rocky Mountains but was captured in 2071 after the Battle of Armageddon which resulted in 100,000 Judges and Soldiers killed. Booth was sentenced by Judges Hollins Solomon (known as the 'Judgement of Solomon') and sentenced Booth to 100 years in suspended animation to give future generations a benefit of hindsight. He was sent to the deepest vault in Fort Knox.

Snap, Crackle and Pop

Three robots, Snap, Crackle and Pop are programmed to take care of Booth, constantly supplying him with blood to keep him alive. When Fort Knox was his by a bomb a few years later the robots, following their programming start getting their supply of blood fron nearby villagers in until Dredd arrived in 2100 and stopped the vengeful villagers from killing Booth. He then sentences Booth to work in the Kentucky farm for the rest of his life.

New Mutant Army

Booth easily took control of the farm and mocked both Dredd's sentence and the Judgement of Solomon, rhetorically asking if it's supposed to be some kind of terrible punishment and viewing it as pathetic. He eventually became the leader of the New Mutant Army and found Chief Judge Fargo, the founder of the Judges and was in cryogenic suspension since 2070. In 2129 he then sent the Judges a ransom: one billion credits in exchange for the body of Fargo, planning to use the funds to raise an army and re-conquer America and reinstate himself as president. He captured Dredd but he managed to escape and used Booth as a human shield by tying him to the escape vehicle but Booth's army, demoralised and underpaid simply shot Booth and remarked they can always elect another president.


  • Booth's political history and vote-rigging (and the new middle initial) make him into a George W. Bush reference: another former Governor of Texas who took America to war, and was accused to vote-rigging in 2000.
  • The latest he could have been elected governor is 2050.